Facts on Organic Cosmetics
By: John Howell (2010)

Going natural is the current trend in cosmetics today due to the growing concern for the potential damage that harsh chemicals can cause the body and the environment.

Women are now looking for products that are made of natural ingredients that wouldn't irritate or harm their skin in any way. The demand for safer beauty products has given rise to organic cosmetics.

The organic way of life which is usually associated with food intake has now extended its reach to cosmetics and skin care products. People who have ridden on the all-natural bandwagon have started opting for organic beauty treatments to be more consistent with the type of lifestyle that they chose.

One can easily find such products in health and spa stores all over the country. Shampoos that are 95% organic or soaps made of essential oils and herbs are selling like hotcakes. But the question still remains: are organic cosmetics really what they seem?

The answer to that really depends on your choice of makeup and beauty products. There are certain products that are quick to claim that they are made of natural ingredients but are unable to live up to this statement.

On the other hand, there really are cosmetic brands that offer organic beauty treatments. The idea is to find out how to distinguish one from the other. Which ones are telling the truth and which ones are plain marketing hype?

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